Saint Bernard School

September 15, 2017

St. Bernard School

320 W. Mansfield St.

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September 15, 2017

Important Dates:

        September 18 – Stoller Pastry Fundraiser Begins

        October 1 – North Auburn Festival

        October 2 – Stoller Fundraiser ends

        October 4 – 6 – Damascus, Science and Faith Retreat (6th Grade)

        October 9 – No School Teacher In-service

        October 13 – End of First Quarter

        October 19 – “Peace be with You” – Music Dinner

Dear St. Bernard Families,

        As happens every year, there have been a few wrinkles, this year the wrinkles deal with Progressbook and MAP testing.  We are ironing out the issues and hope to have everything ready to go by next week.  A new testing schedule is inserted below.  Please make sure your children get a good night sleep and a good breakfast, most testing will occur in the morning

I apologize for the inconsistent newsletters, from now on they will be uploaded by Friday. 

Here are a few reminders:

Stoller Butter Braid – We will be sending home the brochure for our fundraiser today.  This is our biggest  fundraiser for the year.  We will not be selling magazines.

Dress Code Reminder – The students did a wonderful job during the week with the dress code.  There were just a couple of areas that need a reminder.  On Mass days, the students cannot wear shorts.  If it is very warm that Wednesday they may bring shorts to change into.

On Dress Down days, the students cannot wear leggings.  They may wear jeans or pants other than Khaki or Navy.

Music Club – Music Club has changed from Recorder Club to an Ensemble Club which will involve various instruments.  Mr. Heydinger hopes to take the club to different nursing homes or businesses to perform. A new sign-up sheet went home today.

Art - Please collect empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls for Art class, and send them in with your child.

Peace to you and yours,

Mary Obringer

Testing Schedule

Week Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
9/18 – 9/22

Primary Reading  8:30

Elementary Reading 


Middle School Reading 10:15 Elementary Science 12:30

9/25 –


Primary Math 8:30

Elementary Math 9:30

Middle School

Science 12:30

Middle School Language Arts 12:30

10/2 – 10/6

Middle School Math


Elementary Language Arts 9:30 Make-up

Thank You

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