Saint Bernard School

March 10, 2017

 St. Bernard School

320 W. Mansfield St.

     New Washington, OH  44854


March 10, 2017

Important Dates

  March 12th – Hospitality Sunday

   March 12th - Open House and Registration and Bake Sale

  March 13th – 27th Geranium and “Trio of Treats” Fundraisers

  March 14th – 15th - External Validation Team Visit

  March 17thEnd of 3rd Quarter

  March 23rd – Early Release – 1:05

  March 24th – No School

Dear St. Bernard Families,

Next week is a busy one!  We have our External Validation Team visit for our Accreditation process and the 3rd Quarter ends Friday!  We will also be starting two fundraisers.  One is the Right to Life Geranium Sale the other involves a “Trio of Treats” through Stoller Fundraising.  There will be pastries to taste test at Open House.  We hope that everyone is able to get involved.  The proceeds will go towards the Mission Trip and other school trips. 

As we look forward to next year, we will be making some scheduling changes.  We will be introducing STEM in the Primary grade.  They will be exploring different types of technology along with being introduced to LEGO’s WeDo2 robots and coding/programing.  We believe that this opportunity will benefit them in their Academic abilities and 21st Century Skills. I will be the instructor for that program.  We will also introduce a Reading Enrichment Program for the Primary grade that Miss Brown will be implementing, with the purpose of varying the way Reading is approached so all types of learners are being addressed.

In the Elementary and Middle grades, Social Studies and Science will be taught in blocks.  The Middle school will have Science Monday Wednesday and Friday for 90 minute periods while the Elementary have Social Studies.  On Tuesday and Thursday this schedule will switch with the Elementary having Science and the Middle having Social Studies.  The block scheduling is more conducive to the way that we approach these subjects, giving the students more uninterrupted work time.

Reminder - Operation Starfish - Each student has an Operation Starfish box to benefit Food for the Poor.  Please return these around Easter.

FLL Skirmish – The FIRST Lego League Teams that were sponsored by the Maverick FRC team from EHOVE are invited to attend a “skirmish” at EHOVE on March 23rdPlease get your permission slips in! We will be splitting our team of ten into two teams of 5.  It will be a great experience for our students.

Classroom Updates

Music - K-1 are working on train songs for our spring concert. 3-5 will soon be learning gospel songs with xylophones and recorders.  The 6-8 are perfecting their skills on the recorders for a Celtic sword dance and song, the Lion Sleeps Tonight and a song from the orient that will be performed at the spring concert. The choir has been rehearsing 3-4 choral songs in two-part harmony along with new songs for Lent and Ordinary time. We are always rehearsing songs for Hospitality Sunday coming up in April.

-      Mr. Heydinger

Thank You

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