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September 23, 2016

 St. Bernard School

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September 23, 2016

Important Dates

     September 25th – St. Francis Xavier Festival

     September 23rd – Mid-terms Home

     October 1st - Recycling

     October 2nd – North Auburn Fall Festival ------- Choir will perform

     October 6th – Fall Pictures********DATE CHANGE********

     October 10th – No School – Teacher In-service

     October 21st – 1st Quarter ends

     October 27th – Harvest Hoedown – Music Dinner 5pm – 7pm

     October 28th – Early Release

Dear St. Bernard Families,

It is hard to believe that Summer is over and that half of the first quarter is also!  When looking at your child’s midterm report, please address any concerns on the space provided on the midterm. Even if you don’t have a question or concern: please sign it and return it.   When I ran the midterms I used the group settings, Primary, Elementary and Middle School, because of this it may show your child in a higher class, for example a 3rd grader may show 4th grade.  There is plenty of time to improve their grades. 

Latin, for the middle school, is really progressing.  Middle schoolers are allowed to take their Chromebooks home and should be at least working on their Latin. If you are the parent of a middle schooler, please take the time to look at the calendar for Latin and what lesson your child is on and make sure they are caught up.

Latin for the other students will start after testing. Chromebook cases have been ordered for the elementary students.  When they arrive, the elementary students will be able to take their Chromebooks home if necessary.  Along those same lines, iPads will also be sent home with the Primary students. 


*Surplus Garden Harvest* – A huge thank you to everyone who brought in their garden surplus.  We delivered it to St. John’s food pantry on Tuesday morning when the 8th graders went to help unload the food delivery truck.


D.A.R.E – Deputy Martin was in the classrooms today.  What a wonderful opportunity they have to learn more about being safe while developing a positive relationship with a law enforcement officer.  Sgt. Schick will also be visiting our school on Fridays.


7th Grade Math and Algebra I -  We are nearly halfway through the first quarter of school, and we are "back in the groove"!  The 8th grade students have quickly adapted to their on-line Algebra course, and are well into the second chapter.  They are applying the skills they learned in math last year to understanding new concepts in Algebra this year.  It is exciting to see them gain confidence in their abilities and move forward in their learning!

     The 7th grade math students have started their year by "diving into" a unit on Geometry.  They started out by reviewing their previous knowledge of points, lines, planes, rays, and angles.  They then applied this knowledge in learning and identifying special angle relationships created by parallel lines and transversals. 

     After this, the 7th graders learned how to do "constructions", which is using only a compass and a straightedge to create parallel and perpendicular lines and congruent angles.  The students really enjoyed doing these!  Next, they will be moving on to the study of polygons, circles, and 3-dimensional figures, where they will compute the perimeter, area, and volume of these shapes.

     We have a busy year ahead!  It is fun to watch the students’ progress in their learning and development!  ---Mrs. Walsh


Latin – Latin will start for the Elementary students after testing.  It did not make sense to overwhelm them with technology as testing was going on.  As I looked at the curriculum, I am positive that they will not only enjoy the lessons, but will also acquire essential vocabulary.


After School Clubs – ***Clarification on Club Pick-up***  Club pick up will be from the breezeway doors.  The teacher in charge of the club will release the students.  Once all of the students are released I will walk them to the area between the breezeway and church for release to parents.  Also, after discussing release times with the teachers, we will go back to the 4:00 release time.


Fleece Jackets –  All of the fleece jackets have been handed out.  Denise at Sew Impressed said that if you want your child’s name on their jacket that you could still bring it to her shop and she will add it for the $2.00


First Lego League Competition – Mr. Willis should be bringing our materials today!! It will seem like Christmas at Tech Club!!!  More information about competitions will be forthcoming.


Testing – Next week we will finish up our testing.  There are a few children who have missed a test or have not finished a test.  We will take care of that next week. 




Peace to you and yours,

Mary Obringer



Revised Fall 2016 Testing Schedule


Week of Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Sept. 26th

Lang Arts 6-8

9:45 – 10:30



Lang Arts 3-5


Math 3-5





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