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August 26, 2016

St. Bernard School

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August 26, 2016


Important Dates

     August 27th–28th - St. Bernard Festival

     September 5th – Labor Day, NO SCHOOL

     September 6th – After School Clubs Start

     September 6th–23rd – NWEA MAP Testing

     September 8th – Library Starts

     September 9th – Lyme Village - Grades 3rd – 5th

     September 11th – Hospitality Sunday

     September 21st - Grandparent’s Day

     September 25th – St. Francis Xavier Festival


Dear St. Bernard Families,

               What a wonderful beginning to what is going to be a great year.  Your children might be tired and maybe a little grumbly these first few days as they ease into school.  We sent home a lot of paperwork that needed to be filled out so you may be feeling a little grumbly too.  We thank you for taking the extra time to fill those out and send them back in. 

Your child will have some new opportunities this year along with some challenges.  One of the topics we talked about this morning before they went to their classes was that they are meant to struggle a little so that they learn to work through answers to questions or problems.  That feeling of disequilibrium is learning.  We want to challenge your child where they are and then take them to the next step.  This process could make your child a little nervous at first but they will rise to the challenge.  A few of our new challenges are listed below.


Fleece Jacket Orders Fleece Jacket orders need to be in by Wednesday the 31st of August.  We are getting them embroidered uptown and they will add your child’s name for $2.00 more.  I would like to order the jackets by Friday the 2nd of September.  At the most it will take 2 weeks to receive all of the jackets, so you have some time to decide whether you would like your child’s name embroidered. 


New Courses for this Year

We are blessed here at St. Bernard School with a staff that will go the extra mile to make sure that each child has the opportunity to realize his or her potential.  Our multi-age classrooms have made it possible to adjust the level of work in the classroom.  We have also scheduled some courses at the same time to enable students to move to different classrooms.  These practices have challenged our students to step up and to do their best.  In order to keep challenging them we have added two new classes.


Taking Math to the next level

Our upper Math students concentrated on 8th grade curriculum last year.  This year, those who choose to, will be enrolled in Algebra I through the Distance Online Learning Initiative through the Toledo Diocese.  Mrs. Walsh will proctor the class and insure that our students keep on track.  This course will count as a high school course.  The opportunity to take Algebra I in the 8th grade is offered to students who attend Buckeye Central so we thought that our students should have that same opportunity.


Latin Language Classes

Also new to this year are Latin language courses.  The K – 5th graders will be enrolled in a Latin Enrichment course that they will access twice a week.  The 6th – 8th graders will be enrolled in a more rigorous course that will include daily course work.  Father Eric would also like to teach the students prayers and songs. 

Not only will this be a wonderful way to challenge our students, but we hope that it will also increase their vocabulary and their knowledge of history and traditions of the Catholic Church.  Learning a language is an important skill to learn.  Latin is the base of many of the romance languages so as the students go on into high school they will have a good foundation to build upon when they take Spanish in high school.  Latin classes will start September 1st.

First Lego League

This year we will be participating in the First Lego League Competition.  There will be two teams.  Up to ten students form the 3rd – 5th grade will be entered into the First Lego League Jr – Creature Craze Challenge and up to ten students from the 6th – 8th grade, will be entered into the First Lego League – Animal Allie Challenge.  We are being sponsored by The Mavericks Robot team from EHOVE.


After School Clubs

This year we will continue to offer after school opportunities for our students.  Clubs will begin September 6th .  They are held after school from 2:45 - 4:00.  There are some new additions and changes in days of some clubs. Clubs are open to all students, grades K – 8.  Once a child signs up for a club they are expected to attend unless they have a note from their parent.

Cost: $20.00 for first club, $5.00 for each additional club per year.



Club Schedule

                 Monday – Game Club – Miss Brown and Mrs. Hancock


v           Tuesday – Culture Club – Mrs. Penry – meets every other Tuesday opposite Staff Meetings               (Learning about different cultures)


v           Wednesday – Music Club – Mr. Heydinger


v           Thursday – Blazer Club – Mrs. Weithman (Investigating the Mysteries of the Church)


v           Friday – Tech Club – Mrs. Obringer

We are so excited for this year and after such a great week with your children we are sure we will have an amazing one.  Thank you for blessing us with your children.

Peace to you and yours,

Mary Obringer






Thank You

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