Saint Bernard School

May 13, 2016

                                                              St. Bernard School

320 W. Mansfield St.

     New Washington, OH  44854


May 13, 2016

Important Dates:       

               May 16th – 20th – Right to Read Week

               May 18   – Middle School to National Lab Day at Plum Brook Station

               May 25th – Kindergarten Graduation at 8:30 Mass

               May 25th -- End of School Potluck

               May 25th-- EARLY RELEASE

               June 1st – June 8th – Grade Card Pick-up


Theme: Caring for all of God’s creation.


Dear St. Bernard Families,

The end of the school year is upon us.  Our testing is complete and the results will be sent home shortly.  The children have worked so hard this year to show growth and they succeeded.  We appreciate all of your support in this endeavor.  The test scores are used in a couple of different ways.  A Student Goal Sheet will be sent home so that your child can use it to prepare them for the Fall test.  The scores are also used by the teachers to see what academic areas the class needs to review or extend.  Then, finally, the scores are one of the pieces of information used to group students in Math and Reading. 

In order for your child to realize their potential we need to challenge and support them.  Their personal goals will be another of the pieces we use to determine where your child will begin the school year.  The last two pieces are teacher recommendations and parent approval.  These groupings are fluid and may change throughout the year.  They do not depend on grade or age as much as they do ability.  We appreciate your support.



Kindergarten Graduation – On Wednesday, the 25th of May, we will have a little graduation ceremony during the 8:30 Mass.  We have four fine young men going on to the 1st grade.  We are very proud of their accomplishments.  Please feel free to join us at Mass.  A reception for the families will be held afterward. 



Brett Bishop Benefit – Thank you so much for donating desserts and other items to the benefit.  The family was touched by the outpouring of help and appreciates your prayers.  Thank you for putting your faith into action.  Please continue to pray for their family.


ATV Raffle Tickets – What a great job the students and parents did selling tickets.  They sold 523 tickets at the end of the competition.  Congratulations to our contest winners:

                    Tyler Sanderson – 1st place

                    Mia McDougal – 2nd place

                    Max Philips – 3rd place

Tickets will continue to be sold through Jun 11th.  Representatives from the school will be at the Hatchery Festival under the ATV Tent near the square.  We will also be raffling 3 different sizes of bikes.  Please stop by and say hello!


End of the Year Potluck – All the food will be provided by the school and teachers.  We will have hotdogs, Macaroni and Cheese, Taco Salad, Watermelon, and desserts. 



Summer Reading Challenge – Your child has the opportunity to be involved in a Summer Reading Challenge.  Our test scores continue to improve which is great news; however, over the summer it is common for children to read less.  In order to encourage your child to read, we are introducing a reading program called MyON.  It is an e-book library of sorts, where your child can choose books that interest him/her that are at their reading level.  It also checks for comprehension and monitors their reading level.  It is our hope, that this program and challenge will encourage your child to read over the summer.  This program can be used on any device and is available off line if a book in downloaded.  One of the benefits of an e-book is that unfamiliar words can be defined by highlighting or clicking the word.  This help to increase vocabulary.  Please contact the school if your child needs to borrow a device for the summer.


Peace to you and yours,

Mary Obringer, Teacher/Principal


Thank You

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