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June 12, 2020

St. Bernard School

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June 12, 2020


Grade Cards are in the School Office for pick-up


St. Bernard Families,

A lot of discussion about the reason for our start date!  I had a School Advisory Council meeting and some of those questions were raised at that time.  I would like to explain more clearly our thinking on the earlier start.

Our students will have been out of the school routine for about 6 months.  

  1. Starting with the tech camp would be the answer to one of the problems we had this spring.  Students did not know how to access sites or use Google Classroom.  They would also be given their chromebooks and be able to practice using them and accessing sites and programs that we will be using this year.  There are a variety of options available as to time etc…  Perhaps your child is older and did not have an issue with technology, then they do not have to come, but are welcome to look into the robots or 3D printers.

  2. The reasoning for starting on the 10th of August is so that we can assess where our students are and meet them there with an individualized program.  I believe that our focus on the individual child is our strength as a school.  As mentioned earlier, our students have not been in the school setting for about 6 months. Getting a handle on where they are and getting them ready for new adventures is our goal.

  3. However, if you would rather not start in person on the 10th because of family vacations, camps, or various other reasons, please let us know.  We can work around those issues.

  4. The first two quarters of the year are the shortest, so we want to make very good use of our time and your time by implementing the curriculum as soon as possible.

We have begun to visualize the classroom settings and how we could apply the requirements that we have now.  This is a very fluid situation and as of this time, the Crawford County Health Department does not have any further guidance. 

In preparing for this next school year, I am figuring that social distancing in the classroom, sanitizing, and monitoring temperatures are three of the most important issues.  

Instead of shaking hands at the door, we will be taking temperatures.  We can easily set up the classroom so that there is distance between students.  We have also discussed the likelihood of teachers moving to classrooms instead of the students moving from room to room.  We have procured sanitizer and individual spray bottles.  If the requirements change, so will we.  Our first priority is the education, safety and wellbeing of your child.


Here is the link to the Survey  ------


If you need to contact me, the Summer hours are from 9:00 - 3:00 in the month of June.  The school will be closed the month of July.  If it is an Emergency, please do not hesitate to contact me via my cell phone.


Peace, Health and a Warm Summer to you and yours,


Mary Obringer

Thank You

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