Saint Bernard School

May 15, 2020

St. Bernard School

320 W. Mansfield St.

New Washington, OH 44854


May 15, 2020


Last pick-up Drop-off    - May 18th - May 22  9 - 4 p.m.


St. Bernard Families,

We are at the end of a very interesting year.  I am sure that it has been disappointing to some of you, especially those graduating.  I do hope, though, that you can look back on this year as one of great growth.  Whether that growth came earlier with academic, spiritual or social achievements or this past quarter and growth in self-reliance, use of technology or in self-discipline, you should be congratulated for that.  We are very fortunate to have the ability to teach you through technology and for you to have the ability to access the internet.  We may have to depend on this in the future.

The teachers and I will be attending quite a few professional development sessions on how to best use technology in the classroom.  We have also began to arrange classes and have many new adventures in store.  One, that I am excited about, is MakerBot Sketch.  They have a certification program for students in 3D printing.  The program comes with 2 larger printers.

As we close this school year out, we also must look to the upcoming year.  At this time, I have two calendars ready to submit to the Diocese for next year. The way that we start has been the topic of many discussions whether that be with our teachers, the principals of the diocese or with Father George.  We are small enough that we could conform to the social distancing requirements that are now recommended.  I cannot give you a definite answer at this time as to when and how we will start the 2020- 2021 school year, but I can tell you that it will be with your child’s health, safety, and education at the forefront of our minds as we make the decision.


Geranium Sellers - Your ice cream party will be in the Fall.  8th graders, that sold geraniums, will get a Dutchtown Dari Bar gift certificate.


Grade Cards - Grade cards will be available for pick up on June 1, 2020


Graduations -8th Grade  - At this time, we are planning on having 8th grade graduation during a weekend Mass in June.


Kindergarten Graduation: We have decided that with all that is going on, we will have a Welcome to First Grade Ceremony in the Fall. We have a little surprise for you on Monday.


Sacraments - All Sacraments have been moved to the Fall.  


Yearbooks - are still available for $15.00.  It is all in color!


Tables will be set up in the gym for all of these being returned. 

We can’t wait to see all you students at a safe social distance!

Return on Monday - Wednesday:

  • All assignments that are due

  • All assignments or packets that have not been completed
  • Registration forms
  • Spring Pictures if you are not purchasing the
  • Chromebook and charger
  • I-Pad and charger
  • All Textbooks
  • Religion Textbook not the workbook
  • Library Books
  • Art Supply Baggies
  • Science Lab equipment that can be reused
  •  Any lunch payments
  • Last drop off for Lids

We would like to thank our St. Bernard families for your patience and understanding during this last quarter.  It was a very stressful time for all.  I hope that you all have a restful weekend and a wonderful start to the Summer.  If you need to contact me, the Summer hours are from 9:00 - 3:00.  If it is an Emergency, please do not hesitate to contact me via my cell phone.


Peace, Health and a Warm Summer to you and yours,


Mary Obringer

Thank You

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