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May 4, 2020

St. Bernard School

320 W. Mansfield St.

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May 4, 2020

Geranium Sale Pick-up - May 5  2:30 - 4:30                                                     

Last pick-up Drop-off    - May 18th - May 22  9 - 4 p.m.


St. Bernard Families,

I can’t believe that May is already here.  We will have two more weeks of official online classes and then we will be collecting materials that last week. I can imagine that this last month has been a difficult one.  At first, it was kind of fun to get on to Google Classroom or to complete packets of work at home.  The honeymoon is over and there is nice weather on the horizon.  They only need to hold on for two more weeks.  Thank you again for your help and perseverance.

In regards to next year, we are in the process of deciding how to start the year.  Mrs. Hancock, Miss Brown and I will be attending a webinar discussion that will allow us to glean ideas from other schools around Ohio.  One program we would like to begin the school year with is a technology camp, K-8, the week before we are to begin attending.  They will learn more about Google Classroom and other programs that will allow us to carry on no matter what happens.  We will naturally be moving to a more blended program which means that they will be completing assignments on their devices while at home.


Our size may allow us to open  without any problems with distancing or other health safety concerns of a larger school.  

May Crowning - With the help of Father George, Mrs. Weithman, Madeleine Weithman, and  Allison Stump, we will be holding a May Crowning that will be recorded and then shared to FB and the St. Bernard Blazer Google Classroom.

Graduations -8th Grade  - At this time, we are planning on having 8th grade graduation during a weekend Mass in June.

Kindergarten Graduation: Mrs. Hancock and I are in the midst of planning a little ceremony for the Kindergarteners . We will keep you informed.

Yearbooks - are still available for $15.00.  Get one for good memories!

Sacraments - All Sacraments have been moved to the Fall.  


Peace and Health to You and Yours, and may the fourth be with you,

Mary Obringer

Thank You

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