Saint Bernard School

March 20, 2020

St. Bernard School

320 W. Mansfield St.

New Washington, OH 44854


March 20, 2020

Important Dates

March 27th - Fish Fry CANCELLED

March 29th - Confirmation 3:00 @ St. Bernard  POSTPONED

March 18th through Easter Day Public Masses are CANCELLED

April 18th - Wine and Cheese 7:00 as of today is still scheduled

Dear St. Bernard Families,

I hope that this newsletter finds you all well.  We are fortunate to live in a community that is so willing to lend a hand.  If you are in need of anything, please call or text me and I will do my best to make sure you get what you need.  This past week has been an interesting one, and can make your children a little uneasy. Try to keep to as normal a schedule as possible.  For example:


St. B’s Virtual School Schedule

7:30 - Wake up and have a prayer circle with your family

8:00 - Eat breakfast

8:30 - Work on Math homework for the day

9:00 - Snack Break

9:15 - Reading Work ( time for this can range from 15 - 45 minutes depending on age)

10:00 - Exact Path (or other online learning for K-1)

10:20 - Get ants out of your pants! Go outside and play

11:00/12:00 - Lunch (probably not Salisbury Steak and mashies)

12:30 - Science and Social Studies

1:30 - Specials Time Music, Art, Library and Gym

2:00 - Religion ( End the day the way it began, with God)


This may seem impossible at first, but as we continue virtually it is my hope that we will have live lessons with teachers and students interacting at least in  2nd-8th grades. The more disciplined they are the easier it will be. I know that it is frustrating because there seems to be no end in sight, but you all have great kids that will continue to step up and do what is right. 

I had a principal webinar this past Wednesday, the Diocese is processing information as it comes from the Ohio Department of Education and the Governor.  As soon as they pass that information for me to disseminate, I will do so. As of now, we are off until April 3rd. We will not be changing our Easter Vacation at this time.


Grade Cards - Grade cards will be available online Sunday. .  The teachers were all very timely. . All grades K-2 and 6-8 are up to date.  I am leaving this evening to pick up my youngest daughter from college, but I will be available by phone if you have any questions or concerns.


Monday Pick-up/Drop-off - From 8:00 - 2:00 Please make sure that your child’s completed work is bundled together by each teacher's name.  We are planning on having bins, with teachers' names, to put completed work in and have your child’s next installment ready to be picked up.  Bringing a bag for each child would be a great idea. Some teachers passed bags out with the first installment. Keeping everything together in that bag would also be a great idea. Then completed work could be kept in one spot.


Hope to see you soon!

Peace to you and yours,

Mary Obringer

Thank You

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