Saint Bernard School

February 2, 2018

St. Bernard School

320 W. Mansfield St.

New Washington, OH 44854


February 2, 2018

Important Dates:

        February 8 – Tri County Spelling Bee

        February 11 – Hospitality Sunday

        February 13 and 15 – Parent Teacher Conferences

        February 13th and 15thCOME VISIT DAYS

        February 19 – NO SCHOOL

        February 20th and 22ndCOME VISIT DAYS

        March 2nd – NO SCHOOL Teacher In-service

        March 3rd – Recycle (Wilson and McDougal)

        March 5th – Geranium Sale Starts

        March 6th and 8thCOME VISIT DAYS

        March 9th – End of 3rd Quarter

        March 11 – Hospitality Sunday Open House and Registration

Dear St. Bernard Families,

We have had a wonderful Catholic Schools week and enjoyed seeing so many of you on Thursday afternoon for lunch.  Next week I will be sending home the testing results like I did this Fall.  The majority of our students showed a lot of growth.  As I have stated before, the test is only one of the several ways that teachers use to decide on grouping of students or moving them up or down in a class. 

Our Pledge $10 Challenge is doing very well and will continue until the 28th of February.  As was stated before, these funds will be used to improve the efficiency of our building.  New windows and LED lighting are two of the big projects.  We are eligible for a 50% rebate from North Central Electric for the cost of our bulbs and motion sensors. We have not received a bid for our windows yet. Some people have had trouble getting on to the website.  Please use the mailing address in the letterhead.

Come Visit Days – There are several scheduled “come visit” days when potential students are invited to come and spend part of the day with us. Typically, it is for up coming kindergarteners, but we welcome all age groups to visit.

Open House and Registration -  On March 11th we will be having registration and open house from 9:30 – 10:30, after Mass.

Dreambox Math - is an app available on the iPad.  This is an intuitive program that allows the teachers to assign work and allows the child to explore different Math topics.  The other program is called Exact Path which is through Edmentum. 

Exact Path does not have an app currently and is accessible through Chrome on the iPad.  The URL for the easy login for Primary:

 Grades 1 and 2

And for Kindergarten

Login cards will be coming home with easy to remember passwords.

The Elementary and Middle Schoolers have both programs accessible on their Chromebook.

Parent/Teacher Conferences – The form should have gone out to all our families.  If you have not received it, please give us a call.  Next week I will be sending confirmation emails.  We look forward to seeing you.

Peace to you and yours,

Mary Obringer

Thank You

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