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I have made online Scrip Accounts for all returning families. Simply visit and find the orange box on the left of the screen. Your Username is the full name of your student's father, such as "John Doe," or in a few cases, the mother: "Jane Doe." Note, there is a space between first and last name. Your Password is your 7-digit telephone number (without the area code) and is written without a dash, for example, "4922295".
Once you log-in, I recommend changing your password with the link on the left of the page called "Change Profile/Password." You may change your Username as well. If you want to be able to pay for Scrip directly from a bank account without writing checks, click on "PrestoPay" link and follow the steps to enroll. Some vendors offer ScripNow!, which you can print from your computer as soon as your payment is received.
You can still purchase Scrip by paper order through the school office. Encourage your extended family to use Scrip and designate the proceeds for your student. They can also create an on-line account or order in the traditional way.
Thank you for using this wonderful opportunity to fund our school!
Fr. Eric Culler

Update 11/05/12

Look at This Holiday Spread We Have for You...

During our Thank-Scrip-ing Day, you'll get a chance to see an amazing
spread of big retailers and even bigger-than-normal rebates. It's an
event you won't want your families to miss!

So, make sure you spread the good news to your families. Tell them about
this exclusively ScripNow™ extravaganza. Let them know they can earn
some of the highest rebates for your program ever offered for 24 hours,
on Thanksgiving Day. All they have to do is register on ShopWithScrip®,
if they haven't already. They can set up a PrestoPay™ account, if your
organization allows it, to receive their eCards in minutes*. Then, just
sit back and watch them rack up the rebates.

If you have any questions, give our Customer Support Team (1-800-727-4715
opt. 3) a call - we're more than happy to help! But, remember, we're
sworn to secrecy and can't tell you details on retailers or bonuses until
the fun begins at 12:01 a.m. EST on Thanksgiving Day!

You'd think with this great of an event, we couldn't possibly top
ourselves, but just wait until after Thank-Scrip-ing Day! Here's a
hint...your organization could win thousands of dollars in gift cards if
your families are using ShopWithScrip. We're excited, so get your
families excited too!

* Check orders for ScripNow will be processed minutes after they are
released by the Coordinator.



Meijer Holiday Bonus Offer

The holiday season just got merrier! Beginning TOMORROW, Saturday,
November 3, 2012, through the whole month of November, we are pleased to
announce Meijer® is offering a 1% bonus contribution. During this bonus
period, Meijer $25, $50 and $100 Gift Cards will have a 4% contribution
instead of the normal 3% contribution. All Meijer Gift Cards may be used
to make purchases at more than 199 Supercenters or online at Visit to save even more with
digital coupons.

You need to save time and money, that's why Meijer started their
convenient one-stop shopping experience, where you'll find the largest
selection at incredible values. Meijer stores include fresh produce and
meat departments, as well as pharmacies with most having comprehensive
electronics departments, garden centers, and apparel offerings. Remember
to take advantage of this bonus contribution for all of your holiday
needs. From groceries for the most delicious holiday meals, to the
perfect gifts for everyone on your list, Meijer has you covered!


Hello Coordinators!

Here is this week's list of upcoming Special Offers beginning next
Saturday, November 10, 2012.  Please click on the link after each
summary for more information.  As always, you can see a list of the
current specials by clicking here:


Applebee's®  2% bonus (8%→10%) 11/10-12/22/12

Kmart®  2% bonus (4%→6%) 11/10-12/07/12

Legal Sea Foods®  2% bonus (13%→15%) 11/10-11/23/12

Sears®  2% bonus (4%→6%) 11/10-12/07/12

Thank You

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